10 Facts about Pablo Escobar


Pablo Escobar, is probably one of the most notorious criminal ever walked on the earth.

This Columbain drug lord was known for his wealth, brutality and ruthlessness. He also contributed the most for Columbia to get recognized as the “Murder Capital of the World.”

On Nov 27,1989 Pablo bombed Avianca’s Flight 203 to kill one of his enemy who was on board ended up killing 107 people. He is also said to be the mastermind behind the DAS bomb blast which  took place on December 6,1989, killing 52 and injuring 1000 people.

Plata o plomo’. That’s what he often used to offer the government officials. The quote translates as ‘Silver or Lead’ which means they have the option to chose from the money or death.

Here are 10 facts about Pablo Escobar, which are more interesting than any fiction.

1. He was ranked 7th reachest man by the Forbes magazine with the estimated wealth of $30 Billion. On reading this, Pablo’s brother called the Forbes and said that the figure is no where around.

2. Once he burnt around $2 Million to keep his daughter warm.

3. Escobar had been quite helpful for the poor and also earned the nick name ‘Robinhood’.

4. He had so much money in cash, that he used to spend $2500 monthly for rubber bands to bind those.

5. He also offered Columbian government to pay off the entire debt of the nation which was $10 billion.

6. He surrendered to Columbian government on the condition that he will built a new jail for him which will be guarded by his loyal employees. He did build a jail for himself. The jail had a casino, spa and a night club. Ironically, the jail became hub for more drug deals and murders.

7. He was said to be responsible for the murder of around 4000 people that included 200 judges, 1000 policemen, journalists and government workers.
8. He had so much cash that he can not keep it in a bank account. So he used to keep it in a warehouse.

9. Where each year, around $1 billion was eaten up by the rats.

10. He had around 800 homes around the world.

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