Movie review : The Revenent

A poster of The Revenent

One fine afternoon while surfing through the internet I stumbled upon the making video of the film The Revenent. I was quite impressed by the amount of hard work put into this film and was added to my wish list right away.

Now let’s talk about the film. The Revenent is inspired by the true story of Hugh Glass, a fur trapper and frontiersman, who was left behind by his partners after sustaining heavy injuries after being attacked by a gruesome, wild grisly bear . Hugh, filled with the sense of grief is now determined  to take the revenge on John Fitzgerald who has betrayed him and then he begins his struggle for the  survival against the nature by using his survival skills. The age old story, when meets with the  grand vision of  Iñárritu feels fresh and leaves you with a long lasting impression.

The film, having the 156 minutes of run time feels a little slow. But it hardly has any negatives other than this. In fact The Revenent has championed the craft of film making in many sectors. The Revenent also succeeds in capturing the brutality of the nature and the Hugh’s struggle for the survival in the most realistic manner.

The approach here is really commendable. I would like to mention a scene where Hugh has to jump in a river and he floats along with freezing stream of water through a fall and finally reaching the shore. As seen in a behind the scene video,the camera man has to jump behind the stuntman and shoot the entire scene while flowing along side him. And, he also has to maintain the frame as well. What can be more difficult than this?

The Revenent is also filled with the beautiful landscape images, completing the exploration of two different aspects of the nature namely beauty and brutality. The nature here feels as one of the important character of the film. Also, the cinematography here is so effective that one would definitely feel the cold while Hugh crawls through the icy terrine.

The Revenent also have some of the most perfectly executed scenes, I have ever seen. Firstly, the terrific bear attack scene, which will send shiver down your spine. You will definitely feel the pain after each strike of it. It should be ranked as one of the most realistic animal attack scene ever made. Also, the very first battle scene is also filled with greatly executed choreography and Iñárritu’s signature long shots.

The talk about The Revenent is incomplete without mentioning about Leonardo’s performance. He nails it in every scene he is in. Leo barely has any lines to speak here but he portrays the emotion via his body language and facial expression perfectly. This eliminates the requirement of the dialogues at the first place. Truly Oscar worthy.

As I said, even having it strong points film often feels long and repetitive. I am going with 3.80 out of 5.00 for The Revenent. It’s more a film to feel than watched.

Rating : 3.80/5.00


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