Movie Review : Inferno

I was already excited to see the Inferno, when I came to know that Irrfan Khan, one of my inferno_low_resfavorite actor is going to be in it. Inferno, third in Dan Brown’s book series after Da Vinci Code and The Angels & Demons revolves around Professor Landon, played by Tom Hanks, who tries to save the world from a deadly  created by a billionaire obsessed with the world’s population, simultaneously fighting with his Amnesia.

The film is very fast paced and includes enough twists and turns to keep the interest alive but  romantic track here seems to be forced and unnecessary which derails the film. Sometimes, film explains too much and feels like the director doubtful about his audience’s intelligence. Also, the film lacks the sense of urgency, to back it’s pace and keep you at the edge of your seat and often feels hollow. The ending here is a bit straight forward (not so thought provoking) than that of the novel which does not live up to the mark.

Both Felicity Jones and Tom Hanks has performed well and Tom Hanks as always is blend into the character, but the surprise here is Irrfan Khan, who gives undoubtedly the best performance of the film.

Another negative of the file is the background score, which is quite underwhelming. It does not fall into the category of ‘BAD’ but when you have Hans Zimmer  in the team you expect much more than this.

Despite these short comings, film is quite enjoyable though and for that reason I’m going to give 2.50 to Inferno. If you are Tom Hank’s fan, you won’t be coming out of the theater disappointed.

Rating : 2.50/5.00


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